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When Worlds Collide: A Raging New Dub/Tech-Step Mix from DJ GAZELL

We’re ending off the year strong with a brand new exclusive mix that we just can’t get enough of. It gets going right off the bat and just doesn’t let up. DJ GaZeLL is back with a ferocious blend of dub step, tech step, jungle for a those of us desperate for a healthy dose of thick wobbles and snare rushes, just in time to prep you for your NYE party or drive you straight into the new year.

Be sure to check out DJ GaZeLL’s previous mix as well, already featured here.

Track Listing:
Envy – Normal (Skism remix)
Excision & Datsik – Boom (Skism remix)
Foreign Beggars – Get A Bit More (Skism remix)
Chasing Shadows – Amirah
Noisia – Machine Gun (16 Bit remix)
Proxy – Dancing In The Dark (Ollie & Bare Noize VIP)
The Prodigy – Omen (Noisia remix)
Plan B – She Said (16 Bit remix)
Foreign Beggars – Typhoon (Feat. Chasing Shadows)
Bandish Projekt – Brown Skin Beauty (Liquid Stranger remix)
Chasing Shadows – Ill
Laid Black – Red (Chasing Shadows remix)
Mussorgsky – Night On Bald Mountain
Noisia & Foreign Beggars – Contact (DnB remix)
Noisia – Shellshock (Feat. Foreign Beggars)
Reso – Otacon
Liquid Stranger – Alert
Phace & Misanthrop – Desert Orgy
Optiv – Run It Red (Feat. Ryme Tyme)
Gein – Ghetto Dope (Feat. Mayhem)
Enei – Movin Fast
Hamilton – Brainstorm
Serum – War Cry
Cyantific – Touch Me
Chase & Status – Time feat. Delilah (Wilkinson remix)

Fresh Mix by DJ GaZeLL: GaZeLL Step

Here’s a fresh mix from the Florida based (but Brooklyn born, um hum) DJ GaZeLL. You may know Gazell by his vintage Drum ‘n Bass and TechStep sets which he frequently dropped all over Florida, but here’s a slightly different vibe from the man who has never shied away from experimentation.


For more info on this rising artist check out his SoundCloud page, as well as his side project: Tone Death.

Track listing is below.  A couple of my dub step faves, Swagga and Innosence are represented, and in fact, nicely blended.  Word.

Exclusive Video Set: Alek Biotic and PS11 Live at DownShift Radio

DJ Eleven and Preston Space, aka the acid techno tag team PS11 had a weekly Sunday School show on – the original NYC dance music podcast! I was fortunate enough to join them on a couple of occasions and will now subject you to the video recording of the first of those.  Apologies for the low-res’ness of the footage – the sets are pretty long and I tried to keep the audio quality decent. Anyhow, back then the sets were faster; records hand-mixed; beats packed with tribal elements and sounds of the techno house producers from Naples were all over my crates.

By the way, previously featured on was the awesome Time4Machine set by Preston Space. If you missed it, go back and check it out. I’m happy to report that Matt aka DJ Eleven (sporting the Brazil soccer jersey in the video) is now producing new material under the handle Open Source, and has branched off into Dub Step as well.  I’ve heard some of the latest works and was 100% digging it. The word is that some of those works might grace pretty soon. Word.

Lastly, it appears that is no more.  It now sends you to its founder Dan Bino‘s MySpace page which is definitely worth checking out.

[flvplayer 320 240]

Alek Biotic Delivers a Brand New Live Mix: Present Day

In case you haven’t noticed, for the first time that the Production and Posted On dates are the same. That can mean only one thing. A brand, spankin’ new release! That’s right. Read on and check it out.

Compiling, mixing and recording sets can be a long and exhaustive process. But as a live mix, I really thought that this one would be done quickly.


Endless last minute track substitutions and additions, re-takes, multiple mastering attempts (each separated by careful review of the entire 80 minute set on different speakers and headphones) all stood in the way of the final recording.  But all that is behind us now. I’m thrilled to have this set finally perfected and available to you. Get ready for: Present Day.

While it’s precedent, The Hook Up Service, was your summer pool party mash-up stacked with funky, up-beat grooves, Present Day is a focused and dark live set featuring the latest releases by techno artists spanning the globe; from places like Argentina, U.S.(Texas and Minnesota), Ireland, France, Germany, Slovenia, all the way to Japan.

Mixed live using the incredible Vestax VCM 600 controller and Ableton’s Live software, Present Day is a vintage Alek Biotic live set, updated to present day repertoire and technology.

So, turn up the volume, hit play and enjoy. Track list will be posted here soon. Comments are always welcome.

Download: Present Day (mp3)

Track List:
Minimorph – Marrakech
OTP, David K, Jerome Pacman – Out Of Phase
Makotrax – What a Fxxxing (Side B Katana Remix)
Phase – Subraum-Omen
Dollkraut – Cheveux Noir
Lemos – Jo The Monster (Agaric Remix)
Wolfgang Gartner – Latin Fever
Solead – Les Capitales
D. Diggler – Bipolar 3.0
Phil Kieran – Past The Present Future
Recilod – Softrum (D. Diggler Remix)
Cari Lekebusch – Spindizzy
Umek – Work This Data
A.Mochi – Black Out
Sasha Carassi & Gianluca Luisi – Homer (Dustin Zahn Remix)
Phil Kieran – Never Ending Mountain
Kalon – Haiku (Female Remix)
Pfirter – De a Poco
Secret Cinema – Jazz Me

Btw, if you like Present Day, be sure to also check out Stereohype which has a similar vibe.

Exclusive: Preston Space presents Time4Machine

An old friend Matt contacted me the other day asking if I had a copy of Preston Space’s Time4Machine. (We haven’t heard from Preston in years and I haven’t listened to this, his first official mix in almost as long.) So I dug into the “archives” and was thrilled to find it. I even found the original cover art which I helped put together back in the day.

time4machineIf you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing this mix, then get ready for an hour of masterfully blended psy-tech trance. I don’t have the track listing, but if you recognize any of the tracks send me the info and I’ll post it here. I do know that it features a track or two by Eternal Basement and believe that the last track is by Infected Mushroom.

Download: Time 4 Machine (mp3)

Alek Biotic Presents: Stereohype

Stereohype a techno house set from 2006, heavily induced with funky and tribal grooves.  It was the last live set recorded with vinyl as the source.  As you probably know, the volume of vinyl records varies from one to the next as does the balance of the (left/right) channels.  To make things even more problematic, turntables, needles, cables, mixers, etc. all join the effort of making sound of mixed sets unbalanced and uneven, and making it that much more difficult for the DJ to achieve a tight blend.  While that’s always a part of the challenge (and the fun), getting an even mix became a central focus of this recording and I did a few takes before getting something I was happy with.  I’ll admit that some volume/balance adjustments were made during mastering and I think they really helped.

The problem described above are main reasons why I switched to DJ products like Traktor Scratch, Serato and Ableton Live – all of which are based on audio files played from the computer which minimizes the stereo problems to some degree and allows for more (visual as well as aural) control over the sound of each track.

On to the mix itself…

Its probably one of my most favorite mixes and the response has been very positive.  Many of the tracks on it were frequently in rotation and got lots of play time at the Frying Pan, Liquids and other NYC venues around this time. Heavily featured is the artist Hertz, whose Alone & By Myself is a classic and comes in around the 19th minute.  Another big-time track from the period is Joris Voorn‘s Incident. (As I look back at the track list, I want to mention each of the tracks as they are all amazing but I’ll highlight just a couple of more here.)  Tobias Van Hofsten‘s Afterhours is one of those massive tracks with a huge driving bassline.  Memory Lane (better knownw as Tomie Nevada) who could do no wrong delivers easily one of my most favorite techno house tracks of all time – Untitled 4a – whose driving raw elements make my head spin (pleasantly, that is) every time I hear it.  Lastly, Stereohype is the only mix I ever recorded which features one of my own productions, Idiom, released on the French label ExtraBall in 2004 (around 48th minute of the mix).

Download: Stereohype (mp3)

Track List:
Blueface – Nan In
Mario Lenzi – The Loop of Love
Memory Lane – 4a
Samuel L. Session – Less
Hertz – Phonk
Memory Lane – 4b2
Hertz – Alone & By Myself
Deetron – Don’t You Know Why? (Edit 9000)
Patrick Dubois – Another Track (Southsoniks Remix)
Joris Voorn – Incident
Frank Biazzi – Reflections
Unknown – Expression Sessions 004
Cave – Paseo (Hertz Remix)
Alek Biotic – Idiom
Marco Carola – Question 7b1
Bad Pimps – Get On Up!
Tobias Van Hofsten – Afterhours
Marco Carola – Question 7b2
Hertz – Work It (remix)
Nico Awtsventin – Aurelon
Hertz – Progress

Alek Biotic Presents: Funkin

We’re going way back to 1999 for one of the first Alek Biotic live mixes: Funkin.  A disco house set, Funkin features a few classics from the period, most notably Knights of The Jaguar by Aztec Mystic (aka DJ Rolando).  A flurry of remixes followed the release of Jaguar, but Funkin features the original which I’m happy to stay I still have on vinyl (2 copies, in fact). Also present is one of my favorite Basement Jaxx jams, Miracles Keep On Playin’ (Red Alert Remix), often heard in my sets around this time.

The mood of the mix toughens up in the second half with a couple of tracks from Timo Maas, Joey Beltran’s Arena and ending up with Adam Beyer’s remix of The Real Jazz – a sick crossover track and a personal favorite. (The original version of Krome and Dahlback’s The Real Jazz appears on the mix The Hook Up Service, completed in early 2009 and featured on this blog.)

There were lots of copies of this CD going around and it actually got quite a few plays. According to unconfirmed reports it even reached cafes on the Adriatic and Mediterranean coasts. I worked on a follow-up tentatively titled Stylin which followed the same vibe but was never officially released. I’ll see if I can dig it up and make it available here in the future.

Download: Funkin (mp3)

Track List:
Ramon Lafour & Tim J – Pluck Funkin’
Techhouse Phenomena – Pure Science
Aztec Mystic – Knights of the Jaguar
Funky Derrick – Keep It Up (Third Earth Mix)
Mile High Club – Pill Pipeline
Mastermind – Free To Do Whatever
Basement Jaxx – Miracles Keep On Playin’ (Red Alert Mix)
Mr. Spring – Blax Trax 1
Armin Van Buuren – Free (Olav Basoski’s Bodycheck Mix)
Funk Function – Empress Zero
Timo Maas – Eclipse
Jan Driver – Drive By
Joey Beltram – Arena
Timo Maas – Riding On The Storm
Thomas Krome – Real Jazz (Adam Beyer Remix)

Alek Biotic Presents: The Hook Up Service

Updated on October 8, 2009 This post now includes the actual Ableton arrangement and the slick SoundCloud player with waveform display and clip commenting. The hook up continues.

Just in time for the summer hook ups comes a fresh mix featuring 23 tracks of futro grooves.  Arranged, edited and mixed using Ableton Live, the mix follows the cross-genre vibe of prior mixes such as Bridge and Eleknopsyhousis which will be available for download here soon.

Track List:
SebastiAn – Momy
Theo – Summertime Groove
Hakan Lidbo – Something In My Mind
Jasper Dahlback – The Real Jazz
Siriusmo – Boot Gleklaut
Siopsis – Penny From The Lane feat. Mr Brean
Joris Voorn – Dirty Thoughts
SebastiAn – Ross, Ross, Ross
Sebastien Tellier, Mr. Ozio, SebastiAn – Chivers As A Female
Gabriel Ananda – Ihre Persoenliche Gluecksmelodie
Joris Voorn – The Deep
Portable – Albatros
George Delkos – Deftoner
Kiko – Electric Burst
Nick Curly – Deep Breath
Jay Shepheard – Pipes N Sneakers
Joris Voorn – Early Bird
Siriusmo – Simple
Shadow Dancer – Dowbois (Strip Steve Remix)
Christian Smith & John Selway – Total Departure (Cirez D Remix)
Rino Cerrone – Hype
Clarisse Muvemba – Roses (Bangana Remix)
Dinamoe – The Green French One (Patrick Zigon Remix)
Snoop Dogg – Sexual Eruption

Below is a screenshot of the Ableton arrangement for those who are interested.

The Hook Up Service Arrangement

Heat Check

Here comes a minimalesque techno set mixed live using TraktorScratch.  If you are not familiar with this software, it allows you to mix digital files (usually from a laptop) using turntables and special timecode vinyl records.  One thing that (presently) separates TraktorScratch from other similar set-ups (such as Serato ScratchLive and the older FinalScratch) is that it supports real-time key changing allowing you to blend not only beats, but key signatures.  This is actually one of the most appealing features to me when mixing since I like to have control over the key progression during a set.

Having done a few prior mixes using Ableton Live, this live set was literally a heat check of my deck chops.  It is also the last mix recorded before moving storing the 1200s to make room for a new member of the family – my son, Dean – born exactly a week later this recording.

Download: Heat Check (mp3)

Track list:
Mark Henning – Ring of Fire – Trapez
Gui Boratto – Matryoshka – Kompakt
Andomat 3000 & Jan – Entr’acte Music – Cadenza
James What – Mesatennis – Sounderground
Gaetano Parisio – Untitled A (Adagio C) – Adagio
Sian – Forming The Pearl – Octopus Digipack
Teflon – The Wombat – Rebel One
Samuel L Session – Smokestack (SLS Remix 1) – Klap Klap
Jerry Abstract – Mudtsmut – Shitkatapult
Surgeon – Klonk 2 – Dynamic Tension
Mark Broom – Twenty Nine (Black Mix) – BPitch Control
Patrick Skoog – The Distance – Drumcode
Samuel L Session – Velvet (Alex Bau Remix) – One Off
Gabriel Ananda – Trommelstunde – Karmarouge
Par Grindvik – Do Us Apart – Drumcode
Rino Cerrone – Rilis 06B2 (Gaetano Parisio Remix) – Rilis
Andreas Mugge – Grand Slam – Punkt Music
Shlomi Aber – Freakside – Ovum
Christian Smith & John Selway – Lightning Strike (Agaric Remix) – CSM
Alex Under – Untitled 2 (Multiplicanciones) – Apnea


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