Here comes a minimalesque techno set mixed live using TraktorScratch.  If you are not familiar with this software, it allows you to mix digital files (usually from a laptop) using turntables and special timecode vinyl records.  One thing that (presently) separates TraktorScratch from other similar set-ups (such as Serato ScratchLive and the older FinalScratch) is that it supports real-time key changing allowing you to blend not only beats, but key signatures.  This is actually one of the most appealing features to me when mixing since I like to have control over the key progression during a set.

Having done a few prior mixes using Ableton Live, this live set was literally a heat check of my deck chops.  It is also the last mix recorded before moving storing the 1200s to make room for a new member of the family – my son, Dean – born exactly a week later this recording.

Download: Heat Check (mp3)

Track list:
Mark Henning – Ring of Fire – Trapez
Gui Boratto – Matryoshka – Kompakt
Andomat 3000 & Jan – Entr’acte Music – Cadenza
James What – Mesatennis – Sounderground
Gaetano Parisio – Untitled A (Adagio C) – Adagio
Sian – Forming The Pearl – Octopus Digipack
Teflon – The Wombat – Rebel One
Samuel L Session – Smokestack (SLS Remix 1) – Klap Klap
Jerry Abstract – Mudtsmut – Shitkatapult
Surgeon – Klonk 2 – Dynamic Tension
Mark Broom – Twenty Nine (Black Mix) – BPitch Control
Patrick Skoog – The Distance – Drumcode
Samuel L Session – Velvet (Alex Bau Remix) – One Off
Gabriel Ananda – Trommelstunde – Karmarouge
Par Grindvik – Do Us Apart – Drumcode
Rino Cerrone – Rilis 06B2 (Gaetano Parisio Remix) – Rilis
Andreas Mugge – Grand Slam – Punkt Music
Shlomi Aber – Freakside – Ovum
Christian Smith & John Selway – Lightning Strike (Agaric Remix) – CSM
Alex Under – Untitled 2 (Multiplicanciones) – Apnea