We’re going way back to year 2000 for this one.  Its one of the very early Alek Biotic productions, in fact, its number 11.  But of well over a hundred tracks this one stands out since its the one and only progressive trance track.

Since this genre wasn’t really my style this track was never shopped and subsequently never released.  Until now.

This track also features the awesome Nord Lead keyboard, as well as the Quasimidi Polymorph module, now long discontinued (the company folded around the time this track was made).  Drum programming and sequencing on the track was done on the legendary Akai MPC-2000 sampler workstation, and the track was recorded to DAT before mastering on the PC.

Here’s Panic Relapse.

Download: Panic Relapse (mp3)Download: Panic Relapse (wav)