sovereigntyWe’re going waaaaaay back to 1993 (if my memory serves me right) for a track by the Bronx based band Sovereignty named Evil Mind.  Formed by the guitarist/vocalist Derek Torres, Sovereignty was a speed/trash metal band influenced by the sounds of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, and others.  Joining Derek was Eddie Moore on bass, Chris Peloso on drums and Aleksandar Kolundzija on guitar.

Accompanying the music were dark lyrics, frequently centered on dangers and effects of drug abuse, and challenges of urban life.  Written by Derek Torres, Evil Mind is in a way an odd choice for an introduction to Sovereignty but the track represents the band’s core sound well, both the fast riffs and groovy breaks.  It also features a great bass solo by Eddie (R.I.P.).

Sovereignty went through a few lineup changes after the release of Utopia, which featured Evil Mind, and the band eventually morphed into Derek’s current project – My Situation.

Download: Evil Mind (mp3)