I’ve never really been a fan of combining electonic sounds with traditional instruments but the blend definitely works in some genres and specific artists do an exceptional job of making it jell.  One of such acts is Massive Attack whose sound was an influence on this track.

The guitar played here is a Steinberger GM which I assembled from various parts 10 years ago and sold just yesterday to a guy in Tuscany.  I was actually a little sad to see it go but I kept the neck and trem and put those into a new guitar.  The strings used on the track are super heavy gauge .13-.68 (baritone gauge, actually) which I had custom made a few years back.  To compensate for the tension the guitar is tuned down to C, which gives it a nice deep sound while not interfering with the bass guitar.  Aside from the guitar all other instruments were either keyboards or samples played through a (midi) keyboard.

The track is pretty long even when you consider that it was cut down from 14+ minutes.  This length works for me, but I will admit that it could probably use some vocals (EJ Sebian, Shane Ali… are you guys reading this?  Whassup?)

On to the track… Listen right here or click the link below to download.  Enjoy.

Download: Homage (mp3)