I apologize for the lack of updates in recent weeks; work has been out of control and lots of things are happening on the side as well. But I expect to back on track very soon.

In the meantime, here’s a relaxing jam which was recorded during my Jazz course at Berklee, taught by the fantastic Bruce Sanders. The lead was an improv played by me, the rest was performed by Bruce and an unknown drummer. (I’m planning on taking Bruce’s follow up course, but time hasn’t permitted that, yet.)

The photo is of the guitar used on this recording. I ran it through a Black Finger, and a small Tech21 amp (made right here in NYC. Represent!), into a Motu 828, then the RME Multiface (my sound interface – most highly┬árecommended) and finally into Nuendo. Yeah, I know this sounds crazy complicated, but there are actually good reasons for this signal path. Well, there seemed to be anyway.