We’re going back to 2002 for this one.  Clusterfuck was (and still is) a personal favorite but it never made it out, until now.   The track is very raw and is based on a couple of rusty drum samples and a simple synth riff produced by the amazing Virus B synth.  That riff always reminded me of Pink Floyd’s “On The Run” which featured the impossible to find (or afford) EMS VCS 3.


Also heard on the track is the Nord Lead 2 keyboard which supplied the underlying bass sound.  The drums and the main line are all sample-based and played through the Akai S5000 sampler.  (The photo shows the studio setup from this period.  Seen in the upper right of the photo is the tiny 12 channel Mackie analog mixer which is one of the best sounding mixers I’ve ever used.)

Like many other producers, I’ve since moved on to a predominantly software-based setup, but Steinberg’s Nuendo software used to arrange and record the track is still in use, although upgraded to a more recent version.

Download: Clusterfuck (mp3)Download: Clusterfuck (wav)