52nd and 2nd

By Alek Biotic

52ndAnd2ndOddly named 52nd and 2nd, happens to be the 52nd track produced by me.  I used to live on 56th Street in Manhattan (right near Second Avenue) and would occasionally walk down 52nd Street on my way to the subway.  What does all that have to do with this track?  Absolutely nothing.  But both of those things have the number 52 in them and since I don’t like to spend more than 5 seconds coming up with a title, that became it.

The track is a pounding techno ride with a stabby riff and scattered kick twists which give it unique character.

Once again, the wav download is available – both here and on SoundCloud, in fact.

Download: 52nd and 2nd (mp3)

Download: 52nd and 2nd (wav)

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